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We're the online concern box that enables organizations to collect concerns of the people they care about most and analyse, track and act upon these concerns.

How it works

Collecting users feedback, complaint is insanely easy. Register with minimal information and:

  • Add as many as different work places for free and get a different QR for each.
  • Users scan QR to raise their concern by tagging on of the concern tags and managed by you.
  • No spams. Only verified users can raise concerns.
  • Manage users. Invoke/Revoke permission to raise concern over their behaviour.

ConcernBox provides you a dashboard where you can visualise, analyse the concerns raised by users and communicate with them.

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Why ConcernBox?

We enable organizations to collect concerns of the people they care about most and analyse, track and act upon these concerns.

  • 01 Why do you need ConcernBox?

    ConcernBox makes it intuitive for organisations to identify smaller issues before they become big. It provides a platform to identify the growing concerns.

  • Whoever cares about their users' concerns and want to solve their concerns to provide them a better workplace.


What makes employees to leave a company?

Culture 33%
Work life balance 17%
Growth 14%
Workload 13%
Lack of appreciation 9%
Poor leadership 7%
Other 6%


Old slow days of collecting feedbacks, complaints through forms are gone, say hello to the new way where you feedback is just one scan away. Now you are empowered with various graphs where you can visualise the complaints, feedbacks in a different way.

Privacy & Security

We never, ever sell or share data with any third party.

Data visualisation

You can visualise, filter and identify the growing concerns in last x days in the organisation.


Add limitless custom concern tags for free. Manage what employees can choose as a concern tag.

User Management

Manage who can raise the concern who can not. Invoke/Revoke permission anytime if needed.

Get your ConcernBox for free!

We offer 100 ConcernBox credits to new organisations for free trial. It's incredibly easy—start getting candid, useful concerns immediately.


Pay per concern. Do not worrry, if no concerns are being raised we won't charge anything. No minimum or per month fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ConcernBox?

    ConcernBox is a platform where organisation and it's users(employees) can interact intuitively with each other over any concern.

  • After signup you needs to register offices and a QR code will be issued per office. Now, users can raise a concern as following:

    • Scan QR code
    • Select the concern tag
    • Add note for concern (Optional)
    • Upload supporting images (Optional)
    • Done
  • No, while raising the concerns user has to chosse the "concern tag" managed by you. You can create, enable, disable tags as per your convenience.

  • You will receive a web notification if you are already accessing the ConcernBox dashboard, otherwise we will send an email if you have updated the email.

  • Yes, user can opt to be anonymous, in that case none of the user related info will be shown.

  • Unlimited.

  • Yes, you can change the status of concern, also you can comment to user over concern, user will reveive comment notificaiton immediately.


Feel free to reach to us anytime